Founded in 2000. Started as a company die cutting gaskets and interior trim components.

2010 added simple power-train assemblies such as a water cross-over valve and vacuum tube assembly.

2011 built a 3500 sq. ft. clean room and added more complex power-train assemblies, including fuel rail assemblies, intake air fuel manifolds and turbo horn assemblies. These complex assemblies also involve multiple forms of testing and certifications. Certified TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, WBE, WOSB.

Core Competencies


  • Routers - Hardboard, Foam, Flooring. Head Restraints.
  • Assembly - Engine, Breaks, Electrical. Latches, Rear Track, EZ Entry Adjuster.
  • Foundation Boards - Head Restraints, Interior Trim, Various Stiffeners.

Die cut

  • Gaskets, Seals, Insulators, Modular Rear Structures, Mechanisms, Vibration Isolators.
  • Hardboard, Seat Backs, Headliners, Foam, Dynamic Environmental Comfort System. Seat Back, Foundation.


  • Seals, Insulators. High Power Distribution Isolators.
  • Routers - Hardboard, Foam, Flooring.
  • Assembly - Engine, Brakes, Electrical, Interior Light Assemblies, Exterior Light Assemblies, Wire Harnesses.

Company Snapshot

POC: Jo Anna Kipp, CEO

Phone: 937-399-3140
Fax: 937-917-0016

Keyah International Trading
4655 Urbana Rd. Springfield, OH 45502

Work Area: Global

Company Snapshot


336360 - Motor Vehicle Seating and Interior Trim Manufacturing
339991 - Gasket, Packing, and Sealing Device Manufacturing
336350 - Motor Vehicle Transmission and Power Train Parts Manufacturing

  • V003 - Transportation/Travel/Relocation - Motor Pool and Packing/Crating: Packing/Crating
  • 8135 - Packaging and Packing Bulk Materials
  • H193 - Quality Control - Nonmetallic Fabricated Materials
  • 5330 - Packing and Gasket Materials
  • C213 - Architect and Engineering - General: Inspection (Non-Construction)
  • H981 - Other Quality Control, Testing, and Inspection - Containers, Packaging, and Packing Supplies
  • 5350 - Abrasive Materials
  • H281 - Equipment and Material Testing - Containers, Packaging and Packing Supplies
  • S215 - Housekeeping - Warehousing/Storage
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